Week Sixteen Update

Statistics have been updated to include yesterday’s Army-Navy game. The following statistics have been added to this site:

  • Rushing percentage (Rush%)
  • Passing percentage (Pass%)
  • Rushes per ten drives (Rush/10)
  • Passes per ten drives (Pass/10)
  • Plays per ten drives (Plays/10)
  • Three and out percentage (3&Out%)

Win probabilities for this year’s bowl games can be accessed under Stats & Docs.

CFBStats provides the data for the statistics shown on FBS Drive Stats.

Week Fifteen Update

Statistics have been updated to include all games played through the fifteenth week of the season.

The Adjusted Efficiency Rankings and all other statistics can be accessed via the menu bar. Here were the rankings for the four playoff teams:

1) Alabama
6) Oregon
8) Ohio State
16) Florida State

Florida State’s close games with inferior opponents contributed to their low ranking. Based on their offensive and defensive points per drive, the Seminoles were expected to win 71.4% of their games. This means they should have won eight to nine games.

Oregon’s production with Jake Fisher at left tackle makes a bona fide threat to take down the Tide in a shootout. With Fisher at left tackle this season, the Ducks have averaged 43.3 points per ten drives. Without Fisher, Marcus Mariota and the Oregon offense saw its efficiency plummet to 26.6 in their two games against Washington State and Arizona.

The fascinating thing about the Sugar Bowl will be Nick Saban and Urban Meyer facing one another for the first time since Meyer left the SEC. Saban beat Meyer in two of his three meetings against Meyer’s Gators. The Crimson Tide averaged 33.9 points per ten drives and allowed 22.7 points per ten drives.

CFB Stats provided the data for FBS Drive Stats.

Week Fourteen Update

Statistics now include all games played through the fourteenth week of the season. Win Probabilities are now listed under “Stats & Docs” on the top menu. I’m currently working on creating individual team pages. Expect that to be completed by next weekend at the latest.

The Adjusted Efficiency Rankings can be found at the link below:


As always, the data source for FBS Drive Stats is CFBStats.com. Thanks for taking time to visit FBS Drive Stats.

Week Thirteen Update

All stats have been updated to include games played through the twelfth week of the season. The most recent Adjusted Efficiency Rankings can be viewed below:


I fully recognize that these rankings likely overrate Ole Miss and Arkansas. These rankings reflect the fact that the SEC West has been historically exceptional this season, and its teams have collectively posted a 31-3 record against FBS teams from other divisions and conferences.

CFBStats.com provides the data used to calculate each statistic on FBS Drive Stats.