Week Thirteen Update

All stats have been updated to include games played through the twelfth week of the season. The most recent Adjusted Efficiency Rankings can be viewed below:


I fully recognize that these rankings likely overrate Ole Miss and Arkansas. These rankings reflect the fact that the SEC West has been historically exceptional this season, and its teams have collectively posted a 31-3 record against FBS teams from other divisions and conferences.

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Week Nine Update

All stats now include games played through week nine. It occurred to that I have yet to post the Adjusted Efficiency Rankings for this season. Here are the most updated version of this year’s rankings:


Disclaimer: I am not sure what to make of Arkansas. They clearly have a better team than their record indicates. Remember, the Razorbacks’ conference losses came against Auburn (4th) on August 30th, Texas A&M (21st) on September 27th, Alabama (2nd) on October 11th, and Georgia (9th) on October 18th. Their remaining conference games will come against Mississippi State (3rd), LSU (22nd), Ole Miss (1st), and Missouri (36th). With a schedule like that, the Razorbacks will likely become one of the best teams with a losing record in recent memory. They just play in the one division in college football that makes it next to impossible for them to make a bowl game.

Assuming these rankings accurately* depict team performance, it will be impossible for the selection committee to pick the four best teams if they all play in the same division because it would ignite a deafening public outcry.

* The accuracy of these rankings is debatable. They will inevitably shuffle many times over the next couple months.

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